What to Wear for a Outdoor Boudoir Shoot

When I first thought about taking boudoir photos outside, I wondered if it made any sense. Why would anyone wear lingerie outdoors? But then I realized, who cares? Who’s setting the rules? If we want to take pictures in lingerie outside, let’s do it. Boudoir photography can be whatever we want it to be. Check out these outdoor boudoir photos! Aren’t they just stunning? The light is amazing, and I get to leave the studio and enjoy the nice weather in the summer!

What Should You Wear to These Sessions?

A common question I get is what clients should wear to outdoor boudoir sessions. Honestly it depends on the location we choose.

For example, check out the images of Holly below. I photographed her at Third Beach – both on the water as well as the giant stone staircase. During our styling per-session consultation, she decided to wear jean shorts and a black one-piece bathing suit for the casual step images. Then just the bathing suit on the sand and water. She paired this with a hat and a guitar, which where such fun accessories to show off her personality. How awesome is that?

I know taking boudoir images in public can feel a little exposing. If you feel more comfortable in city-style clothes, that’s totally fine too. Honestly, you can wear as much or as little as you want.

At the end of the day, I love styling and putting outfits together with my clients. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things about the process of planning a boudoir photoshoot.

So, where do these Outdoor Boudoir Sessions take place?

For my outdoor boudoir sessions, I love shooting boudoir on the water. The two places I recommend and have shot at regularly are Third Beach in Stanley Park and Barnet Beach.

Third Beach in Stanley Park is (in my opinion) one of the most beautify beaches in Vancouver, complete with a city background to give contrast with the casual beachy vibes. Check out how amazing Holly looks with the natural sunlight makes her skin just glow.

My other recommendation is Barnet Beach, is a more secluded location and offers a woodsy backdrop, large rocks near the shoreline (great if you don’t like sand as much) and a dock right on the water – giving a lot of options.

I always say is it depends on the client and how comfortable they feel when selecting the perfect location for their outdoor boudoir session. Just as a reminder, your photoshoot always takes place in the early morning or late afternoon because the sunlight is just amazing and soft at those times – perfect for your skin to be radiant and glowing.

How to book your boudoir session for outdoors?

I scheduling my outdoor boudoir sessions between the months June and September for the warmest weather and best lighting. I encourage you to book in advance to get the best date possible so we have plenty of time to plan for the location, as well as your style for the boudoir session.

If you are ready to book now, simply click here to be sent to my scheduler to start the booking process. Hair and makeup are included in the session fee, provided by a talented professional hair and make up stylist. After booking, we will have a pre-session consolation to cover all the details and planning for your personalized outdoor boudoir session.

One week after your boudoir session, we will have an in-studio ordering session where you will see all your amazing images and we will design the products of your dreams. For more details on pricing, please visit this page.

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