What to Wear for a Comfy Boudoir Photoshoot

A lot of the time when you think about a boudoir photoshoot – sexy lingerie and lacy are what spring to mind and dominate Pinterest searches. But if that is not your styling, don’t dismiss boudoir photography just yet. There are so many ways you can use non-traditional outfit looks for a comfy boudoir session that fits you and your vibes – I promise!

Searching for a look for that comfy boudoir session and want to know how to get amazing images with your own personal style without going too far outside your comfort zone? Read below where I share some ideas on how you can make comfy clothes look sexy!

Every Day Attire

Pulling an outfit from your closet that isn’t necessary a sexy outfit, but one that makes you feel amazing in your own skin is a great option for a shoot. Pairing a button down with jeans and a lacy bra can be just as empowering and stripping down to a matching set. Body suits and accessories like leg-warmers are another great option for spicing up your look while staying true to your comfort level.

Non-Traditional Lingerie

Sometimes you aren’t the lacy matching set girl, but you love rocking an athletic fit vibe. Check out how amazing Katelynd looks in a basic set of Calvin Klein underwear. This type of set would be perfect for a sporty look for a comfy boudoir shoot.

Oversized Clothes

This outfit idea is all about having fun and feeling flirty! Imagine wearing a cozy sweater or a cute tee that slips off your shoulder a bit, giving just a peek of skin.

Here are some tips to keep in mind: Make sure the sweater or t-shirt doesn’t go past your hips so you won’t have to fuss with it during the shoot. And don’t forget to wear some cute undies! We’ll sneakily show them off in the photos. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can check out the choices at Victoria Secret.

On the other hand, if you prefer something snugger, that’s cool too! Just make sure your tight top has a neckline that dips low enough to show off a bit of cleavage. Remember, this is a comfy boudoir photoshoot, so we want to capture that vibe!

Little Details

Getting a manicure and pedicure is a must when preparing or a boudoir shoot? It’s important to think about what you want your overall look to be. Choosing the right color is key, and it varies from person to person based on skin tone and personality.

I usually prefer soft colors because they offer a classy and timeless appearance with a touch of sensuality. When aiming for a relaxed vibe, avoid mismatched outfits like an old, messy band t-shirt, bright green underwear, and rainbow knee-high socks! Instead, go for colors that complement each other.

When it comes to jewelry, skip necklaces unless it’s a choker. Necklaces often end up in awkward positions and can be distracting. Bracelets, rings, are great choices. Ensure that your jewelry matches the overall style and feel you’re aiming for.

When you think about a boudoir photo shoot, you might not imagine it being comfy, casual, or cozy. But hey, a sexy boudoir session is totally doable with the tips I’ve shared!

Ready to try out the comfy vibe for your boudoir photos?

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