Valentine’s Self-Love Boudoir Exclusive Offer

In the spirit of self-love and embracing your unique radiance, we are delighted to introduce our exclusive Valentine’s Self-Love Boudoir hour Offer! At Gina Spanos Photography, we believe that every individual deserves a simplified yet empowering boudoir experience. This special offer is designed for those seeking a more intimate and efficient session.

Why Book a Self-Love Boudoir Photoshoot?

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the love you have for yourself, and our Self-Love Boudoir Hour sessions are crafted to offer a focused, empowering experience. This streamlined session allows you to connect with your innermost self, fostering confidence and a deep appreciation for your individuality.

What the Limited Offer Includes

Our Valentine’s Self-Love Boudoir Hour Exclusive Offer includes:

  1. One-Hour Consultation: Begin your journey with a personalized one-hour consultation, where we explore your desires, motivations, and vision for your boudoir session. This is an opportunity to create a mood board that visually represents your aspirations and sets the tone for the shoot.
  2. Boudoir Photoshoot: Immerse yourself in a focused boudoir photography experience. The boudoir session is centered around a simple bedsheet setup, allowing you to be the focal point. Guided by Gina Spanos experienced photographer, will guide you to pose and authentically capture your beauty and confidence.
  3. Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment: A week after your boudoir session, brace yourself for the big reveal! Sit back and let the emotions flow as we showcase the stunning images captured during your boudoir experience. At your ordering appointment you can choose one of our collections or create a custom package.

Exclusive Offer

For those who book our Valentine’s Self-Love Boudoir Hour Exclusive Offer, we are thrilled to offer a special incentive. If you choose the Little Black Book Package along with your Self-Love Boudoir Photography session on the same day, your Session Fee of $199 plus tax will be credited towards additional products!


  • Self-Love Boudoir Session| $199 plus tax
    • 1-Hour Private Studio Session
  • Little Black Book Package Exclusive Offer | $1195
    • 6×6 Faux Leather 10-page Album
    • 10 Digital Files

Why Choose Self-Love Boudoir Hour?

Our Self-Love Boudoir Hour sessions are designed for simplicity and impact. With a focused bedsheet setup, this boudoir session is about capturing the essence of you in a way that is efficient yet deeply meaningful. It’s an exploration of self-expression and a celebration of your unique beauty.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to an empowering and efficient experience with our exclusive Self-Love Boudoir Hour Offer. Celebrate the love you have for yourself and embrace your radiant essence in a focused, streamlined session. Book your one-hour session now at the special price of $199 plus tax and explore the opportunity to create lasting memories with our exclusive Little Black Book Package. Because, at Gina Spanos Photography, we believe that self-love is the most precious love of all.

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